20 Rules…

20 rules I live my life by:

1. Always smile at yourself when you look in the mirror.
2. On a daily basis stand naked in front of the mirror and spin in a circle. Stare in aww at the beautiful body you have.
3. Cherish nature and the beauty it beholds.
4. Find the simple moments.
5. Don’t worry about money, it always comes and goes.
6. If you’re feeling down, laugh, it automatically brightens your day.
7. Dance in your car always, who cares what the person in the next lane thinks. They probably wish they were dancing too.
8. Never make a big life decision because of a man (or a woman). If you’re meant to be together you will make it work.
9. In a relationship make sure you both live your own lives. Have your own space and your own friends to be able to clear your mind.
10. Find new hobbies, try something new.
11. Never stop learning.
12. Take time for yourself.
13. Have faith, be patient.
14. If you make it to management level know how the jobs below you work. Don’t make an employee do something you wouldn’t like doing yourself, or you don’t know how to do.
15. Treat the janitor with the same respect you would the CEO.
16. Stay humble.
17. Know your worth.
18. Treat yourself. Spa day? Hell yeah! Fancy hotel? Why not! It’s okay to splurge a little to make you happy.
19. Take chances, even if they scare you.
20. Be kind to everyone you meet, and most importantly to yourself.

Love always,


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