Don’t Let Her Go

everything you’ve ever wanted
everything you’ve been praying for
is standing right in front of you.
you see,
her smile and her beautiful green eyes
they don’t just shine for anyone.
the heart she gives freely
doesn’t love absently
but abundantly.
you want freedom,
room to spread your wings and fly

she’ll give you that.
you want honesty, simplicity,
a partner who will fight along side you
instead of against you?

that’s her.
she doesn’t play games.
she works hard, hustles,
puts forth effort in every area of her life.
she has no time for jealousy,
or wasted energy,
because when she gives herself,
it’s all of her.
Don’t try to push her away,
or fear that it’s too real to be true,
because what is standing in front of you
is the greatest thing to ever happen to you.
trust me,
the gentle caress of her hand,
the softness in her voice,
the strength behind her actions,
it’s all real,
and she is a once in a lifetime kind of love.
don’t let her go.

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