I want the…

I want the you that God knows,
not the you the world sees.
I want the wake up at 3 am,
drive to the beach to watch the sunrise
and talk about our heart’s desires.
I want the sit on the kitchen floor,
eating brownies out of the pan
and laughing until our bellies ache.
I want the broken moments,
a roll over in the middle of the night
to hold onto safety after a nightmare.
I want the decision making coversations
about our futures.
I want the hold each other close
in the middle of a park
as our walls crumble down around us.
In a world filled with masks,
filters, and instant gratification,
I want the time spent slowing our worlds down
looking in each other’s eyes
and discovering each other daily.
I want the imperfectly perfect.
I want the push to chase our dreams
and never lose sight of what makes us unique.
I want the travel the world
and make memories on hotel balconies.
I want the you and me
against the world mentality.
Most of all
I want the future.
Day in and day out
with you by my side.
I want the you that God knows,
not the you the world sees.

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