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Someday ~ Sugar Ray

Tonight I wanted to do something a little different. As some of you know, I am a pole dancer. I use pole dancing to express myself, tell stories, and get any emotions I may be feeling out of my system. On occasion I will have someone video my dance and I will post snippets, but tonight I wanted to paint the story I told through written word. Warning: not many people know this, but I write erotica and there will be some in this story telling, but it will not be super explicit.

The class tonight was a goddess flow class with the theme being beach. We each had to bring a song to dance to for ourselves and then a song for someone else to dance to. I was the last person to dance for the night and each of the women in the class were to give me an element to my story that I must portray:

  • Last night on a European vacation and reminiscing on the adventure that happened
  • 24 years old
  • Met a Spanish man while on the vacation and I had to leave him at the end of the trip
  • Bittersweet about leaving him behind

As the women continued explaining to me what my story would be I went to my bag and threw on a bikini, a pair of light blue jeans, a blue floral kimono blouse, a white scarf and a black sun hat. During all of this preparation I was not provided any information about what song I would be dancing to. As you can guess by the title of this post, the song was Someday by Sugar Ray. When the music started up I was whisked away to my European vacation.

Leaning over her balcony, staring out at the setting sun, she feels the wind caress her skin as the curtains blow in the wind behind her. Hearing him call her name she floats back into her hotel room and sees him sitting on the chase lounge beside the doorway. Enamored by his handsome face she leans up against the wall and pulls her hat over her face in giddiness. This man has changed her life and he doesn’t even know it, but as her last night in Spain comes to an end she doesn’t want to leave without one more night in his arms. 

Slowly walking towards the bedroom she beckons for him to follow. Surprising her he wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her in for a hug and a gentle kiss on the cheek. Grabbing her hat, he tosses it on the floor and whispers something in her ear that fills her with laughter. Playfully pushing him away she continues on to the bedroom, unwrapping her scarf along the way.

Once in the bedroom she begins to dance around the room, teasing him with the swaying of her hips. Taking control now, he slowly pushes her to lay on the bed. Releasing the button on her jeans he begins to unzip them and pull the fabric down her hips. She stops him, sits up, and looks him in the eyes as she slowly peels her legs out of the jeans. Without missing a beat she spreads her legs open and he begins gently trailing kisses down her inner thighs. As she becomes hot and bothered he dives in and takes what’s his.

Hands in his hair and all over her body she writhes as he takes her to ecstasy. Before her climax can release he turns her face down and enters her from behind. Thrusting into her he begins reaching his own climax. She stops him, rolls him onto his back and climbs on top of him. Hips grinding she pulls her shirt over head as their bodies merge together in orgasm. Collapsing down onto the bed next to him, he wraps her in his arms and caresses her sparkling skin.

Moonlight peeking through the curtains she rolls out of bed, leans back against the wall and captures one last mental image of this beautiful man asleep. Picking up her things, she walks out of the bedroom, blowing him a kiss goodbye. A piece of her heart forever staying behind.

When I finished dancing to this song I felt some sort of clarity wash over me. Over the past couple of weeks my heart has been broken and tonight I felt at peace. Delving into this story brought me a sense of hope, passion, and trust in whatever my future holds for me. It’s amazing how in these pole classes a song and a dance can be chosen for you, the universe knowing it’s what you need in that moment. I hope you enjoyed the painting of where my dance went tonight and that it brings you a piece of joy and some longing for a European vacation somewhere. Thank you for allowing me to open up and share a side of me not many people see. 

Love always,


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