Fitness, My Journey


This past week I’ve been listening to the Ed Mylett show and a lot of what his guests have been saying has been resonating with me. They have been talking about manifesting your dreams, going after your goals, and holding yourself accountable for what you want in life. As I’ve been listening to these podcasts my health and fitness goals have been at the forefront of my mind. On July 17th I went to the doctors to get my blood work results, and although they weren’t horrible, there are things that I need to work on. As I go into my thirties I want to live a life at the healthiest I have ever been. I’ve been slowly making progress at losing the excess weight, but the current patterns I have been living with aren’t sufficing. To reach my goals and succeed at living a healthy life I need to hold myself accountable on every level. Starting today, July 28th, 2018, I am going to share my workouts, meals, and measurements on this blog. I will post my measurements every Saturday and post my workouts either every day, every few days, or once a week, depending upon how my week goes. I hope that in keeping myself accountable I will inspire you to hold yourself accountable as well.



Weight: 185.8 pounds
Right Calf: 14 1/8″

Right Thigh: 26″
Hips: 45 2/8″
Waist: 36 1/8″
Chest: 38 2/8″
Neck: 14 1/8″
Right Forearm: 9 5/8″
Right Bicep: 12 6/8″


20 minute run
– 1:00 walk
– 6:00 run
– 13:00 broken up by 1:00 walk followed by 1:00 run

Tabatas 3 rounds @ 1:00 on 0:20 off with a 2:00 rest
– Reverse crunch (round one 16, round two 20, round three 28)
– Upper cuts
– Side shuffle (3 steps) to side lunge toe tap
– Alternating single arm clean and press with a 10 pound kettle bell (round one 17, round two 18, round three 20)
– Russian twists
– Ball slams with and 8 pound ball
– Standing oblique crunches with a knee tuck right side (round one 32, round two 39, round three 44)
– Standing oblique crunches with a knee tuck left side (round one 32, round two 39, round three 44)
– Jump rope

At the end of the workout I was a sweaty mess (see hat below). I’m not usually a sweater, but with the heat and humidity today I definitely got my monies worth in this workout. I burned a total of 778 calories and spent majority of my workout in zones 3 and 4. 

Love always,


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