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It’s my birthday weekend and I spent today being celebrated at work. They decorated my cube with confetti, bought me fruit for breakfast (yay for being healthy!), and had a bundt cake for dessert. I know that I am going to be enjoying some delicious food this weekend so when my sister asked me to workout with her tonight I said of course! Tonight’s workout is brought to you by Carissa, enjoy :). 



Part 1 – partner rotation

For each letter grouping you will do 8 rounds of 0:30 on and 0:10 off. At each resting point you will switch exercises, doing each letter 4 times each. Between each grouping of exercises you will take a recovery period of 1:00, at which time you will do your burpees (i.e. 5 burpees, 0:30 on 0:10 off of A, 0:30 on and 0:10 off of B, repeat A and B 3 times, 1:00 recover and 4 burpees, then move onto C and D).

5 burpees
a) battle rope composers: with your arms straight in front of you, lift the battle rope up and down. Next as you lift your arms up circle them out and bring them back together at the bottom. Repeat the two movements for the 0:30.
b) bicep curl –> overhead press

4 burpees
c) funky T’s –> Frankenstein: with arms straight out to the side (like a T) lower one arm down and bring it back up (single arm fly). From the T position bring arms together in front of you and then back out to the T position. Do a single arm fly on the opposite side and then bring your arms back together in front of you. Repeat the sequence for the 0:30.
d) alternating single arm row

3 burpees
e) triceps dips
f) 90° fly –> superman: Place your elbows at your sides, arms bent 90° (halfway point of a bicep curl). Leaving your arms in a 90° angle lift your right arm laterally at the shoulder (elbow is in line with shoulder) and lower back down. Straighten both arms out in front of you at chest level, palms down. Bring elbows back down to your sides with arms bent at a 90° angle. Lift your left arm laterally at the shoulder (elbow is in line with shoulder) and lower back down. Straighten both arms out in front of you at chest level, palms down. Bring elbows back down to your sides with arms bent at 90° angle. Repeat sequence for the 0:30.

2 burpees
g) scaptions
h) chest squeeze to alternating shoulder press: Arms begin in a goal post position. Bring arms together in front of you (squeezing elbows together). Taking arms back to goal post position lift right arm in a shoulder press. Squeeze arms together again and once back in goal post position lift left arm in a shoulder press. Repeat sequence for 0:30.

1 burpee

Part 2 – Pyramid of core & buns

Each exercise in this section has a specific number of reps associated with it. Beginning with the exercise that has 10 reps you will work your way down to the exercise with 1 rep. As you move on to each exercise you will repeat all of the exercises before it (i.e. 10 SL dead lifts; 10 SL dead lifts, 9 squats; 10 SL dead lifts, 9 squats, 8 pike toe taps; etc.). Once you make it all the way down the pyramid, do one round of the pyramid backwards, so start from the exercise with 1 rep and finish with the exercise with 10 reps.

– 10 alternating single leg dead lifts (5 each leg)
– 9 wide stance squats on tippy toes
– 8 pike plank toe taps: starting in plank position on your hands bring your right hand to your left toe and return to plank position (this counts as 1). Repeat with left hand to right toe.
– 7 reverse crunches
– 6 lunge extravaganza: On your left leg do a reverse lunge, a curtsy lunge, a reverse lunge, and then a squat (this counts as 1). Be sure to balance through the entire sequence. Repeat on the right side.
– 5 varying jump squats: Starting in a closed foot squat, jump out to a wide squat and back to a closed foot squat. Each time you bring your feet back together this counts as 1.
– 4 archers: Begin in bear crawl. Rotate your body to the left, bringing your right leg under your body and extending out in an L in front of you. Stabilized on your right arm pull your left arm back as if you are an archer pulling a bow (this counts as 1). Return to bear crawl position and repeat on the opposite side. Your extended leg should be flexed and at a 90° angle at your hip.
– 3 box jumps
– 2 mercy bicycles: With your legs straight and hovering an inch from the ground, bring your right elbow to your left knee for a bicycle crunch. Hold for 2 seconds and bring legs back to hovering (this counts as 1). Repeat on the opposite side.
– 1 “I’m a Star”: jump in the air with arms and legs out like an X.


Happy partner workout!

Love always,


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