Fitness, My Journey


This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday, so I spent my time with family and friends walking around DTLA and enjoying some delicious food. More often than not when you talk to someone about turning 30 you often hear a sigh and then a list of regrets or things they didn’t accomplish before they were 30. Instead I’m extremely thankful and blessed for each day that led up to my 30th birthday. As I look back on the past 30 years I hold nothing but a smile on my face. A smile that I am going to take with me into the next decade of my life. One of my biggest goals is to get back to my fit and healthy self. That begins with visualizing where I want to be and determining the necessary steps to get there. Tonight’s exercise was one of those steps.

Birthday in DTLA. PC: my best friend Bhanuja


Tabatas 0:40 on/0:10 off – 4 rounds

1. Sprints up and down driveway (doing this with your dogs chasing you adds laughter)
2. Jump rope (I don’t know about some of you, but I struggle with this one because jumping makes me have to pee, and so I had to take a bathroom break part way through the third round.)
3. Push-ups
4. Curtsy lunge to a 180° squat jump – begin by lunging your right leg, at an angle, behind your left leg (like doing a curtsy). Come up to neutral stance, squat and jump while doing a 180° twist. Once you land do a curtsy lunge with your left leg behind your right and do another 180° squat jump.
5. Crunches
6. Parallel bar jump overs (I used 13″ parallel bars)
7. Reverse crunches
8. Overhead twisted ball slams – Begin with legs hip width apart and a medicine ball in your hands. Lift the medicine ball over your head, rotate your upper body to the right and slam the ball to the ground. Picking the medicine ball back up, lift the ball over your head as you rotate to the left. Slam the ball to the ground. Repeat this sequence through the remaining time.
9. Football shuffle to plank burpee (count to 5 in your head while you shuffle before you drop to the burpee)
10. bicep curl to shoulder press (I used 6 pound weights)


My goal during this workout was to get my heart rate up in a short amount of time. Overall I was able to burn 475 calories in under 40 minutes. By the 4th round I was tired, but I didn’t want to give up on myself, or my goals. Always focus on what your vision for your future is when you’re at the point of quitting. It’s that reminder that gives you an added push to finish what you set out to accomplish. 


Love always,


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