Fitness, My Journey


I consider myself to be one of the most forgiving people and when someone doesn’t forgive me for a small mistake I make it hurts me. For a brief second today I started to beat myself up for what I had done, but the thing I need to do is forgive myself. Instead of putting my energy into beating myself up I walked downstairs to my garage, threw together a workout, asked my sister to join me, and kicked ass. 


6 exercises in each section, do all 3 sections, repeat 5 times

1. 14 alternating reverse lunges
2. 14 dead lifts (I used 2 8 pound dumbbells)
3. 14 ski hops (each side counts as 1)
4. 14 quadruped fire hydrants – right leg
5. 14 quadruped fire hydrants – left leg
6. 14 kneeling hip thrusts

1. 14 plank jacks
2. 14 bicycle crunches (both sides count as 1)
3. 14 reverse crunches
4. 14 alternating modified Turkish getups (only go to the point of the situp)
5. 0:30 left side plank
6. 0:30 right side plank

1. 14 lateral flies
2. 14 forward flies
3. 14 upright rows
4. 14 clean and press – right arm
5. 14 clean and press – left arm
6. 14 bent over rows

Love always,


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