Fitness, My Journey

Fun fact…

Back in 2012 I was asked to take over a bootcamp for an instructor who was leaving. The owner of the bootcamp met up with me, talked to me about getting my certification and insurance and we discussed compensation. A couple weeks later the current instructor asked me if I could cover one of the classes because she couldn’t teach. I wasn’t able to cover, so she called the owner and told her that I said I am not able to teach at the normal times and that I would change around the whole schedule when I took over. All of this was a lie, but instead of talking to me the owner sent out an e-mail saying that the bootcamp was indefinitely closed because there was no one to take over. I felt like I was thrown under the bus and man that hurt! Since then I’ve had this passion to train and inspire people to get fit. This passion is what I used to get me in the garage tonight to do my workout. 


1 mile run: I PR’d tonight with 12:24!
– 0:30 walk to warm up
– 2:00 run
– 1:00 walk
– 2:00 run
– 1:00 walk
– 2:00 run
– 1:00 walk
– 2:00 run
– 0:54 walk

2 sets – 8 exercises – 14 reps @ 4/2/1
– alternating box step ups
– push-ups
– single leg bicep curls (switch legs after 7)
– donkey kick right leg
– donkey kick left leg
– lat pull down
– standing oblique twist right side
– standing oblique twist left side

Love always


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