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Mini Workout

This past week I have spent many hours with a lacrosse ball pressed against my back in order to roll out the knots that have been causing me extreme pain. Thankfully this morning I woke up feeling somewhat better so I decided to get a mini workout in with my sister. And when I say mini, I truly mean mini, because all week long any sort of movement hurt. Thirty minutes of workout and ten minutes of stretching later my body felt refreshed.


Exercises: 8 | Sets: 2 | Reps: 14 | Rest: 1:00
SL = single leg | kb = kettle bell | db = dumbbell 

Warm Up
– 15 high kicks, each leg
– 0:30 arm across body stretch, each arm
– 0:30 arm behind head stretch, each arm
– 5 head circles, each direction

– Stability ball crunches {tempo 4/2/1}
– Parallel bar hop overs {tempo x/x/x}
– Stability ball kb rows, right side {tempo 4/2/1 | set 1: 10 lb. kb | set 2: 7 lb. kb}
– Stability ball kb rows, left side {tempo 4/2/1 | set 1: 10 lb. kb | set 2: 7 lb. kb}
SL bicep curls, switch legs each set {tempo 4/2/1 | set 1: 6 lb. db | set 2: 6 lb. db}
Narrow squats {tempo 4/2/1}
Stability ball hamstring curl {tempo 4/2/1}
– Sprints up the driveway, walk back down 

Cool Down
– Stretch
– Foam roll

Love always,


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