My Journey

Losing 7 Pounds in March…Week 1

The month of February hit my family hard. We received two back to back cancer announcements within our household and the news did not sit well. We are a strong family and we know that we will fight this, but it still doesn’t make the news any easier. The stress from this news didn’t manifest in emotions for me, but rather it took a physical form within my body. I did not want to do anything that required physical activity and I wanted to eat anything that showed up in front of me. After two weeks of waking up to my 4:30 am alarm clock, brushing my teeth, and putting on my gym clothes just to crawl back into bed I decided enough was enough.

The week leading up to March 1st I was feeling extremely bloated, out of breathe, tired, and I could see acne breakouts across my face. It was then that I decided in the month of March I would lose 7 pounds. I’ve set out on goals like this before, but this time around I am determined and have my mindset in the right place. To do this I have reached out to a support group, but more importantly I have chosen 2 changes to focus on for the month of March. These changes include cutting pop (soda for you non-mid-westerners) out of my diet and fasting for 16-18 hours per day (intermittent fasting). The fasting part won’t be that difficult because it’s what I did my entire childhood without realizing it. My dad used to get on me all of the time for not eating breakfast, but it’s how my body naturally functions at its best. The difficult part is going to be cutting pop out of my diet. I have an unhealthy addiction to pop that needs to end. I often times find myself drinking up to 3 pops a day…I know, not good!

Now that I have completed the first week of March, here are some changes I’ve seen in my body and my first week results.

  • My digestive system has gotten substantially better
  • I can breathe easier
  • I have more energy
  • I feel lighter
  • I don’t feel as bloated
15″14 7/8″-1/8″
Thigh26 6/8″26 5/8″-1/8″
Hips47 3/8″46 5/8″-6/8″
Waist39 4/8″38 6/8″-6/8″
Chest40″39 5/8″-3/8″
Neck14 3/8″14 1/8″-2/8″
Bicep13 4/8″13 4/8″-0″
Total Inches +/--2 3/8″
Weight193.2 lbs190.4 lbs-2.8 lbs

To help keep myself accountable on this journey I am using 2 different apps, as well as relying on friends for support. The two apps I am using are Zero to track my intermittent fasting hours and HabitShare to keep track of whether I have successfully completed my goal for the day.

As you can see, I haven’t been perfect in my goals, but I have made a ton of improvement over the past week. I went from about 3 pops a day to just 1 pop on Thursday. My goal this month is to lose 7 pounds, not to be perfect every single day. There will be days I struggle and days I don’t succeed, but each day is an opportunity for growth. As I continue to grow I will make healthier decisions and eventually get myself back into shape.

Love always,


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