As far back as I can remember I have always loved swimming. My parents had me in swim lessons at 3 years old and from there my love of water grew. As a kid my mom did daycare and all of us kids were constantly playing in water. We would take field trips to the local pools and beaches, or we would swim in our pool at home. If we weren’t in the pool we were running around in the sprinklers, creating water slides on our playground with hoses, having water balloon fights, and playing in the cul-de-sac when the fire hydrant was released once a year after winter was over.

Swimming wasn’t just a part of my life as a child, but continued into my teenage years. In middle school I decided to join the swim team and specialized in freestyle and breast stroke. I remember learning the techniques to turn at the wall, start my swim on the diving blocks, and to control my breathing to elongate my swim. I was loving every minute in the pool and could not wait until competition time. Sadly my days of competing never happened because I came down with strep throat on meet day.

Although I never got to compete and never joined another swim team I have always continued to find time to swim. I have found myself swimming in hidden lakes that you can only get to on foot, beaches from around the world, and pools galore. One of my favorite memories was swimming in South Beach, Miami. The water was so calm and so blue that I would bob in the water for hours watching the ships come in and out of the harbor. Being immersed in the water was extremely calming and watching the ships reminded me of my childhood days spent in Duluth watching ships come and go on Lake Superior.

As you can tell, being in water is something that makes my soul happy. When I moved into my new place and I discovered the pool has lap lanes I was stoked. This meant that I could get back to my roots of swimming. Since the pool opened I have spent a good amount of time in the pool swimming laps every day or enjoying the hot tub. Not only is swimming a great form of exercise, but being in water shows added benefits to your overall health. It reduces stress and anxiety, increases your sense of well-being and happiness, and lowers your heart rate and breathing rate. All of this is why I love swimming and would encourage you to take them time feel comfortable and safe in the water.

Love always,


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