Let Down

Maybe it’s me.
Maybe to each and everyone of you
I’m easy, you see.
Let’s go for a drink, a movie, a hike
but really what I’m saying is
I’ll see how I feel that night.
Friend after friend,
event after event,
when I’m not convenient to you
I’m easy to forget.
You’d think I’d learn my lesson
the first time,
the second,
but still twenty years later
I see the best in each one of you.
A thousand times I’ve been let down
My heart of gold won’t let me drown.
Tears may fall
and anger may ensue,
but one things for certain
I always follow through.
You all admire me
for my tenacity.
To try new things
and chase the world solo,
but the truth is
I have no one to rely on.
No soul to walk with me through life.
You may promise me a day
A trip
or a future,
but in the end
plans will be forgotten.
Rest assured,
I’ll still be me,
and show up for you
at all times,
I’m certain.

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