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Evolve or Repeat

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Here we are, near the end of January 2020. What a high I’ve been on this month with everything going on. Heading into 2020 I had this feeling that this was going to be my year, and if the rest of the year is like how January has been, then I would say that this is definitely my year. My year of evolving!

This month I moved into a new apartment and got an office at work. Two big moves. Two life changing events. Two steps forward in my life. Moving out on my own has felt great. I miss my family, but this is something that has been a long time coming. The nice thing about this new apartment is that I am closer to work, I finally have room for all of my stuff, and it gives me more freedom than I had at home. One of the biggest things I am most excited about is being able to cook. I used to cook all of the time, but then I got super into the quick and easy drive-thru routine. In order to save money and to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle I am spending more time trying new things and making my meals.

Along with moving into my new apartment I moved out of a cubicle at work and into an office. This office move is coming with a promotion at work. I will become a Senior Manager of Finance beginning March 1st (that’s when promotions go through at work). New things are being added to my plate and I am excited to take on more responsibility. Primarily I look forward to learning more about the company and potentially traveling.

Another exciting endeavor I am taking on this year (started in November of last year) is that I am studying to become a sex coach. This is something I have been wanting to do since High School and it is finally becoming reality. I am doing independent study through Sex Coach University and plan to finish my studies by the end of this year. Throughout my studies I will be sharing many things on here, so stay tuned.

With many trials over the last few years I am excited to walk into 2020 with joy in my heart, a pep in my step, and a clear mind to manifest my many dreams. I was feeling stuck, like I was in a constant, repeating pattern. Not anymore. This year I evolve. This year I grow even more. This year I become who I am meant to be. I pray that this year is filled with health and happiness for all of you!

Love always,


My Journey

Losing 7 pounds in March…Final

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Here we are at the end of March and what a month of lessons, bumps in the road, and success it has been. I am sitting on my bedroom floor 2 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of this month. Not quite my goal, but a mini success nonetheless. I went into the month with a strong head game and then I allowed myself to become a little lax and ultimately that ended up hurting me.

Calf15″14 4/8″-4/8″
Thigh26 6/8″26 2/8″-4/8″
Hips47 3/8″46 2/8″-1 1/8″
Waist39 4/8″38-1 4/8″
Chest40″39 6/8″-2/8″
Neck14 3/8″14 1/8″-2/8″
Forearm10″9 6/8″-2/8″
Bicep13 4/8″13 2/8″-2/8″
Total inches +/--4 5/8″
Weight193.2 lbs191.2 lbs-2 lbs

After my initial week of not having pop I was feeling really run down and it was a lot on my body to go cold turkey, so I decided to allow myself 1 a day to slowly ease out of it. What I should have done instead was fight through the uneasiness until my body readjusted. Allowing myself to have 1 pop a day was something I was able to stick to for the most part. There were some days where I got up to 3 a day, but those were far and few between. Obviously this is something that I need to work on, and mentally push myself harder to finally eradicate pop from my diet.

Aside from drinking pop I did a pretty good job at sticking to my 16+ hour fast. My body was feeling energized and lighter and I knew that fasting was the right decision for me. However, this past week I got hit with a pretty nasty uti, which left my body bloated with water weight and forced me to take medication every few hours, with food. This meant that my fasting was thrown out the window. Since I wasn’t able to fast I made sure to focus on smaller portion sizes during my meals to maintain my calorie intake. I can tell, though, that I am ready to get back to fasting. My body isn’t liking eating so early in the morning.

Going into April I have decided to put the goal of losing 7 pounds back out there. I know now where my head needs to be and I know what steps I need to take to get there. I will be traveling for 12 days out of this month, and with traveling comes the enjoyment of trying new foods. It makes me a little nervous on my goal of losing 7 pounds, but I know that I will be doing a lot of walking around and I will do my best at choosing healthier food options and smaller portions.

I may not have reached my goal this month, but I learned some lessons and I succeeded a little. It’s all about baby steps, not rushing the process, and making lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

Love always,


My Journey

Losing 7 pounds in March…Week 2

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As week two of my goal of losing 7 pounds in March comes to a close I am feeling tiny bits of “I didn’t do enough.” I think that mainly stems from the fact that I started my period today. I’m sitting here with cramps and dealing with bloating and weight gain. Harumph!

Aside from my feeling a little gross I have had a pretty good week. On Wednesday I spent the day at the spa with my friend and felt really confident in my body and walking around naked. I haven’t really weighed myself the past couple of days because of how my period causes fluctuations on the scale, but I am definitely seeing changes in my body. Two of the biggest areas I see a change in are in my back and around my rib cage.

When it comes to my habits I didn’t succeed very well at going to the gym. I think being tired and also dealing with cramps lead to me being extra lazy this week. On top of that I spent a good deal of time in a car on Saturday and Sunday driving to and from San Francisco to see a dance show. As far as my 16+ hour fast goes I only accomplished that for 3 of the 7 days this week, but I kept my average fast at 15 hours for the week, so not too bad. I do find myself eating smaller portions in in general and making healthier food choices for my meals, which I find to be great progress.

During the first week of March I completely cut pop out of my diet cold turkey. This was extremely difficult on me mentally and physically. I was getting headaches nearly every day and I was constantly craving something to take its place. As a result I decided to allow myself 1 pop per day this past week. I know that sounds like a lot still, but to substantially cut down from 3 pops per day to 1 per day is a huge step in the right direction. I also didn’t have any pop for 1 day this week, and that was Sunday. Over the next couple of weeks I will continue to dwindle down my pop consumption until I am not drinking any.

As a result of my habits not being 100% and starting my period I didn’t expect to see any huge, dramatic results this week, but I am still well on my way to losing 7 pounds this month. Below are my week 2 results compared against my starting measurements.

15″14 5/8″-3/8″
Thigh26 6/8″26 4/8″-2/8″
Hips47 3/8″
46 3/8″-1″
Waist39 4/8″38 3/8″-1 1/8″
Chest40″39 6/8″-2/8″
Neck14 3/8″14 2/8″-1/8″
Forearm10″9 6/8″-2/8″
Bicep13 4/8″13 2/8″-2/8″
Total inches +/--3 5/8″
Weight193.2 lbs191.4 lbs-1.8 lbs

Last night I was reading Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins and he talks a lot about how we need to own who we are and take the responsibility to change ourselves. He says, “Whatever your goal, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable for the small steps it will take to get there. Self-improvement takes dedication and self-discipline. The dirty mirror you see every day is going to reveal the truth. Stop ignoring it. Use it to your advantage.” If I am going to reach my goal of losing 7 pounds this month, and then continue to strive for goals each month after I am going to need to face some harsh truths about myself and face reality. I am going to need to dig deep inside myself and fight hard for what it is that I want. That means that I need to show up every day, regardless of how I feel. This week I let my feelings get the best of me, but next week I need to be better and do better. Until then, have a blessed week ahead!

Love always,


My Journey

Losing 7 Pounds in March…Week 1

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The month of February hit my family hard. We received two back to back cancer announcements within our household and the news did not sit well. We are a strong family and we know that we will fight this, but it still doesn’t make the news any easier. The stress from this news didn’t manifest in emotions for me, but rather it took a physical form within my body. I did not want to do anything that required physical activity and I wanted to eat anything that showed up in front of me. After two weeks of waking up to my 4:30 am alarm clock, brushing my teeth, and putting on my gym clothes just to crawl back into bed I decided enough was enough.

The week leading up to March 1st I was feeling extremely bloated, out of breathe, tired, and I could see acne breakouts across my face. It was then that I decided in the month of March I would lose 7 pounds. I’ve set out on goals like this before, but this time around I am determined and have my mindset in the right place. To do this I have reached out to a support group, but more importantly I have chosen 2 changes to focus on for the month of March. These changes include cutting pop (soda for you non-mid-westerners) out of my diet and fasting for 16-18 hours per day (intermittent fasting). The fasting part won’t be that difficult because it’s what I did my entire childhood without realizing it. My dad used to get on me all of the time for not eating breakfast, but it’s how my body naturally functions at its best. The difficult part is going to be cutting pop out of my diet. I have an unhealthy addiction to pop that needs to end. I often times find myself drinking up to 3 pops a day…I know, not good!

Now that I have completed the first week of March, here are some changes I’ve seen in my body and my first week results.

  • My digestive system has gotten substantially better
  • I can breathe easier
  • I have more energy
  • I feel lighter
  • I don’t feel as bloated
15″14 7/8″-1/8″
Thigh26 6/8″26 5/8″-1/8″
Hips47 3/8″46 5/8″-6/8″
Waist39 4/8″38 6/8″-6/8″
Chest40″39 5/8″-3/8″
Neck14 3/8″14 1/8″-2/8″
Bicep13 4/8″13 4/8″-0″
Total Inches +/--2 3/8″
Weight193.2 lbs190.4 lbs-2.8 lbs

To help keep myself accountable on this journey I am using 2 different apps, as well as relying on friends for support. The two apps I am using are Zero to track my intermittent fasting hours and HabitShare to keep track of whether I have successfully completed my goal for the day.

As you can see, I haven’t been perfect in my goals, but I have made a ton of improvement over the past week. I went from about 3 pops a day to just 1 pop on Thursday. My goal this month is to lose 7 pounds, not to be perfect every single day. There will be days I struggle and days I don’t succeed, but each day is an opportunity for growth. As I continue to grow I will make healthier decisions and eventually get myself back into shape.

Love always,


My Journey

Facing the Struggle

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Oh man! This post is going to hurt, but one that is long over due. Can I be honest with you for a minute? 

I struggle just like everyone else.

Phew, there I said it. Sometimes we are so quick to only share the positive things in our lives. The parts where we are succeeding. Rarely does anyone show their struggles. Well I don’t want to be that person. I want to keep you guys in tune with where exactly I am in my journey. So what am I currently struggling with?


I love food. I really do. My problem is that I eat way more than I need to, and I eat things that aren’t getting me to my goals. It sucks to admit it to myself, but it is embarrassing to admit it to all of you. Probably because I’m afraid to let others down, but ultimately because I had a quick fix in weight loss before and I know that this isn’t going to be a quick fix. It was easy to keep going when I was losing 2-3 pounds in a week. It was easy to keep going when I saw my body changing before my eyes. 

I know, just like with everything else, that I need to be patient, keep up the work, and not give up. Some days it’s easier said than done. Other days I kick ass. For me the gym is not my weakness. I can get up every day for that and have been working out on average 5-6 times per week. I’ve got that down! Throw weights in front of me and I go, go, go. My weakness is food. The biggest of all of that is pop. I automatically grab a coke for my meals. At this point it’s habit and breaking that habit is difficult. 

soooooo difficult!!

It’s not that I don’t like water, I drink 100+ ounces of water a day.

i. just. need. to. break. the. habit.

At this point I don’t care about the scale. I don’t care about the inches. I need to break my unhealthy habits with food before I can focus on everything else. Because once I break those unhealthy habits I know that things will start working in my favor. I will start seeing results from all of the sweat I am dripping from my workouts. I will feel all of the energy come back to me that is being wasted on digesting crappy food. 

So what am I doing to quit this unhealthy relationship with food? Well for starters, tonight is my work holiday party, so I’m going to enjoy it. Then once I take my last bite I will start my intermittent fasting timer. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will remind myself of my goals. I will speak kindly to myself, but focus on maintaining discipline throughout the day. I am reading books galore on habits, growth, self-love, health, nutrition, success, etc. 

Knowledge is power!


When the day is over I will reflect. I will love myself for the moments of strength and the moments of weakness. I will take note of what led to the struggle. I will find ways to establish better choices next time. Most importantly though, I will thank my body for carrying me through another day and let her know that she is beautiful and that I will work another day at making her the healthiest she can be. 

Breaking these habits isn’t going to be easy, but in the end I will be better for it. One day, one meal, one step at a time. That’s all I can ask of myself. As my friend says, be 1% better than you were the day before and eventually that 1% adds up. 

Love always,


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Cross Core & Ladders

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What a fun weekend I’ve had. On Friday night I did an escape room with my sister and a dance friend at Escape Hotel Hollywood and it was an absolute blast! I highly recommend checking this place out. Then yesterday I went to the wrap party for my dance show and we got to watch the entire show from beginning to end. I am in awe at the amazing job that all of us ladies did and I can’t wait to share more with all of you once I receive photos and videos. And of course, today is Sunday Football, so it’s been a great day since my Viking’s won. Skol!

Even though Sunday is typically a rest day I spent today doing some productive things. I’ve been reading financial books, calculating different scenarios for renting or buying a place to live, and I got in a workout. For tonight’s workout I wanted to do something using my cross core and ladder, so I created a cardio based tabata workout.

On: 0:45 | Off: 0:15 | Rest: 1:30
Exercises: 10 | Sets: 3

Cross core kneeling plank {set 1: 12 | set 2: 11 | set 3: 15}
– Jump rope {set 1: 64 | set 2: 88 | set 3: 94}
 Cross core reverse lunge {set 1: 18 | set 2: 20 | set 3: 20}
– Ladder lateral side step {set 1: 8 | set 2: 9 | set 3: 9}
– Cross core bicep curl {set 1: 16 \ set 2: 16 | set 3: 16}
– Ladder cross overs {set 1: 4 | set 2: 4 | set 3: 3}
– Cross core chest press {set 1: 18 | set 2: 17 | set 3: 17}
– High knees {set 1: 62 | set 2: 57 | set 3: 62}
– Cross core knee raises {set 1: 15 | set 2: 12 | set 3: 9}
– Ladder walking plank {set 1: 3 | set 2: 3 | set 3: 3}

This workout tired me out. I was shaking during the last set and I was ready to sit back on the couch to watch football once it was over. Unfortunately I couldn’t just rest since it was my night to cook dinner. I ended up cooking a creamy tortellini from the Brown Eyed Baker and it was delicious. I paired it with garlic bread, because you can’t ever go wrong with garlic bread! This recipe was simple to make and only took 30 minutes from start to table. It would have been done sooner had I not made a rookie mistake and put the bread in the wrong oven, oops! Waiting the additional 9 minutes was worth it though because dinner was excellent and it allowed me some extra time before dinner to wash dishes. I highly recommend washing dishes while cooking since it lessens the amount of dishes you have to do after dinner :). Anyways, enjoy your Sunday evening!


Love always,


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First week results

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This morning was weigh in and measurement day and although I was feeling great and like I had lost weight, the results said otherwise. I ended up gaining 0.4 pounds and losing 2/8″ overall. This was a good reminder that I shouldn’t always rely on the scale to say whether I’ve had a successful week or not. There are other non-scale victories that count as well.

Weight: 184.6 pounds      +0.4 pounds
Right calf: 14 1/8″             -1/8″
Right thigh: 24 7/8″          -2/8″
Hips: 44 2/8″                      +4/8″
Waist: 34 5/8″                    -1/8″
Chest: 37 2/8″                    -2/8″
Neck: 14 1/8″                     +2/8″
Right forearm: 9 3/8″       -0″
Right bicep: 12 4/8″          -2/8″

The non-scale victories I am proud of are: bringing my lunch to work every day last week, eating out less, my clothes fitting more loosely, and reaching my 16 hour intermittent fasting goal for 5 out of the 7 days (the other 2 days were 15+ hours)! Intermittent fasting is something I have decided to try to restrict the hours I eat within a day. I’ve never been a huge fan of breakfast, so I have chosen to skip breakfast, something I did all throughout my childhood up until a few years ago. Doing the 16 hour fast this past week has left me feeling more energetic, lighter, and not as stuffed at the end of the day. 


I recognize that restricting the hours I eat for the day isn’t going to be a big factor in my weight loss. I still need to focus on the foods I eat and the exercise I do. Last week I brought my lunch to work for 3 of the 4 days I was there (I go out to eat with a friend and her kids once a week) and it consisted of romaine hearts, ground beef, black olives and salsa. Light and simple. For dinners I primarily ate what my family cooked or leftovers. Not grabbing fast food felt refreshing and my wallet definitely appreciated it!

As far as workouts go I only got in two last week. One night I went and danced and then I did a mini workout yesterday morning with my sister. The lack of exercise was primarily due to pain in my upper back, but now that it’s subsided it’s time to get back into a routine. So tonight I went to the gym with my friend and we did back, biceps and cardio.

Exercises: 5 | Sets: 3 | Reps: 10 | Rest: 0:30
SL = straight leg | kb = kettle bell | db = dumbbell

– Bicep curls {set 1: 8 lb. db | set 2: 8 lb. db | set 3: 8 lb. db}
Cross body bicep curls {set 1: 8 lb. db | set 2: 8 lb. db | set 3: 8 lb. db}
Cable lat pull down {set 1: 70 lb. | set 2: 70 lb. | set 3: 70 lb.}
Cable straight arm push down {set 1: 5 @ 40 lb. & 5 @ 30 lb. | set 2: 30 lb. | set 3: 30 lb.}
Cable row {set 1: 55 lb. | set 2: 55 lb. | set 3: 55 lb.}

– 1:00 {incline 0.0 | speed 3.0}
– 5:00 {incline 0.0 | speed 5.0}
– 1:00 {incline 0.0 | speed 3.0}
5:45 {incline 0.0 | speed 3.0} hit the 1 mile marker here at 12:45 total!
– 4:00 {incline 0.0 | speed 2.5}

Love always,


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Mini Workout

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This past week I have spent many hours with a lacrosse ball pressed against my back in order to roll out the knots that have been causing me extreme pain. Thankfully this morning I woke up feeling somewhat better so I decided to get a mini workout in with my sister. And when I say mini, I truly mean mini, because all week long any sort of movement hurt. Thirty minutes of workout and ten minutes of stretching later my body felt refreshed.


Exercises: 8 | Sets: 2 | Reps: 14 | Rest: 1:00
SL = single leg | kb = kettle bell | db = dumbbell 

Warm Up
– 15 high kicks, each leg
– 0:30 arm across body stretch, each arm
– 0:30 arm behind head stretch, each arm
– 5 head circles, each direction

– Stability ball crunches {tempo 4/2/1}
– Parallel bar hop overs {tempo x/x/x}
– Stability ball kb rows, right side {tempo 4/2/1 | set 1: 10 lb. kb | set 2: 7 lb. kb}
– Stability ball kb rows, left side {tempo 4/2/1 | set 1: 10 lb. kb | set 2: 7 lb. kb}
SL bicep curls, switch legs each set {tempo 4/2/1 | set 1: 6 lb. db | set 2: 6 lb. db}
Narrow squats {tempo 4/2/1}
Stability ball hamstring curl {tempo 4/2/1}
– Sprints up the driveway, walk back down 

Cool Down
– Stretch
– Foam roll

Love always,


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Give It Your Best!

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To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. – Steve Prefontaine

Let’s face it, sometimes you have all of these plans to kick ass at every area of your life, but then life decides to stop you in your tracks and make you rethink everything on your plate. At the end of July I was ready to put my focus full fledged into getting healthy again and back into shape. I was working out a few days a week, meal prepping or bringing leftovers to work, and was feeling really good about the track I was on. Then September rolled around. I started to work 14+ hour days, going to dance rehearsals for 3-6 hours twice a week, and taking 2 dance classes on top of that. The old me would have sucked it up and sacrificed sleep and resting time for getting a workout in. Something stopped me though. Two years ago when I was going through a similar season at work I took up boxing and as a result I injured a pectoral muscle. From that injury I have built up deep and painful knots in my upper back that hurt to the point of nausea sometimes. When those began to flare up I knew it was time to take a step back and rethink my plan.

With the Goddesses Empowered The Show coming up (we just performed on Saturday, October 20th), I knew that my priority was the show. It was going to be my last one for a while and so I wanted to put in my best performance. If I continued to beat my body up I would sacrifice my performance in the show, so I made the choice to put all of my efforts into my solo. This turned out to be the best choice for me as I kicked ass up on that stage (I will post videos as soon as I receive them). 

Now that the show is over I can put all of my focus into my workouts and meal preps. As part of my continuing education for keeping my CPT I have decided to take a nutrition course. This is something I am really looking forward to because I believe it will not only be beneficial knowledge to have, but will also greatly impact my weight loss journey. So here I am on day 1 (again) of my journey, ready to give my best! I will have good days and bad days, but that is what this journey is about. It’s about sharing the ups and downs with all of you and showing you the progress I make along the way. With that being said, here is my starting point as of today:

Weight: 184.2 pounds
Right calf: 14 2/8″
Right thigh: 25 1/8″
Hips: 43 6/8″
Waist: 34 6/8″
Chest: 37 4/8″
Neck: 13 7/8″
Right forearm: 9 2/8″
Right bicep: 12 6/8″

Thanks for coming along this journey with me! 

Love Always,


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My Letter To Money

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“One of the biggest obstacles to making lots of money is not a lack of good ideas or opportunities or time, or that we’re too slovenly stupid, it’s that we refuse to give ourselves permission to become rich.” – quote from You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero.

The past couple of months I’ve been spending a lot of time soul searching. Really digging down deep inside and finding out what ignites my soul. Within this time frame I’ve been reading two books that talk a lot about money and manifesting financial success. These two books are You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero and Earth Is Hiring by Peta Kelly. Both of these books talk a lot about how we should develop a healthy relationship with money and ask of it what we truly want. They suggest that we write a letter to money to ask forgiveness for our past views and provide money a clear picture and understanding of what it is we want. I thought this was a great idea and wanted to share my letter below. I highly suggest writing your own letter and opening the gateway to manifesting the financial success you want in your life.

Dear Money,

One of the very first lessons I was ever taught about you was that no matter what happens in life I shouldn’t worry about you. You are always going to come and go as you are needed, whether to teach lessons, or to bring in abundance. The second lesson was that if I want something in life that requires the exchange of you then I will need to work hard to bring you into my life. You have been there for me on so many adventures, and for that I thank you. I still remember the first time I really earned enough money to go on a trip to Florida with my church. It would cost me two thousand dollars for that trip and my parents brought me to work with them every day that summer. Within a few weeks I had made enough. Not only were you valued by me, but you were also valued by my church friends who showed up to my parents’ work and earned enough money to make that trip as well. You made it possible for us high schoolers to travel to another state and learn more about God. What a great experience and a great lesson in how you work along side us to fulfill our dreams.

You have been by my side through the highs and lows in life. I have created debt with you. I have gained raises and promotions with you. I have traveled with you. I have been faced with pay cuts, times where I was unsure if I could pay my bills, and other heart racing moments of uneasiness. Through it all  you have provided me enough money and clarity to open my wallet and provide loans to friends, pay for house hold items for strangers, pay for necessities for children, and fill up gas tanks of strangers. Even on those days when I’m unsure if I have enough to fulfill my needs you have taught me the valuable lesson of providing for others. Why? Because you are always there for me and I don’t need to worry. Thank you!

I know that I haven’t always taken the best care of you. I have invested you in things and people that didn’t bring out your best light, but I still gained something valuable from each of those moments. I gained new insight into myself and what it is that I truly want for my future. I want you to share in this amazing future I have envisioned for us. I want to use you to discover the world and to help out those in need. I ask that you help me reach my goal of making a million dollars, or more, a year by the time I’m forty. I ask that you help me raise the funds so that I can open a shelter to house homeless people. I ask that you help me find the money to help those who are underprivileged to find the means to make it out of poverty and into fulfilling their dreams and destinies. I ask that you help me travel the world and discover the hidden treasures Earth has to offer. I ask that along those travels you provide insight into the different cultures and how I can be of help. 

Most importantly I ask that you help me build my dream home. One of inclusion, safety, love, and fun! A place where myself, my husband, our children, our friends and our family can come and gather in a carefree manner. I want to build a community where all who come leave feeling happier and fulfilled. I know that all of this is possible with you, money. I also know that my dreams of owning material things, such as an Audi R8, having a home gym, or having season tickets to the Viking’s can also be accomplished with you. I can’t wait to see how everything in my life manifests. Thank you for everything you have done for me up until now, and thank you in advance for all that is yet to come. I love you, money, and am honored to be able to create my life with you.

Love always,