This past week I’ve been listening to the Ed Mylett show and a lot of what his guests have been saying has been resonating with me. They have been talking about manifesting your dreams, going after your goals, and holding yourself accountable for what you want in life. As I’ve been listening to these podcasts … More Accountability

Pura Vida!

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to find the right words to put into perspective what I felt, learned, and discovered during my trip to Costa Rica. Countless times I have sat down in front of my computer screen only to be stumped at how I can portray to you readers everything that … More Pura Vida!


I feel my soul untying from my body. As I start to float in the air I turn around and look down. I see my naked body lying in the bathtub full of blood. I see the pistol lying next to me on the floor, and the place where I shot myself. The heart. Cuz … More Devil

I want the…

I want the you that God knows, not the you the world sees. I want the wake up at 3 am, drive to the beach to watch the sunrise and talk about our heart’s desires. I want the sit on the kitchen floor, eating brownies out of the pan and laughing until our bellies ache. … More I want the…